Welcome to the Every Damn Bite blog


I am so excited you are here and absolutely thrilled you have landed on my blog. I’m going to tell you a secret to eating great food; enjoy it with a great glass of wine or cold beer and with those you love. So…that may not have been a secret but it’s words to live by.

Each dish I photograph has a story and each city I travel to has a purpose. That purpose maybe a vagabond wandering around to find a great meal, work or visiting friends and family.

I started Every Damn Bite for out of a need to house all my food photos. In my day job I’m a blog coach and photographer (you can follow me there at Life in the Blog Lane. While my food photos didn’t have much relevance on that platform, I had a craving to continue taking them.

My co-workers used to say that they never had to ask me if I needed them to bring me back any food because the answer was always yes. I was always hungry. I never realized my appetite until they address it in 2013. If someone remotely mentioned donuts or fries, I was there.

What you can expect by reading this blog

I promise to entertain you, make you hungry and have an adventure with me. I’ll bring you some of my favorite food finds in some of my favorite cities, travel tips and my friends and families shenanigans along the way.

Who the heck am I

I’m mom to two boys, a little girl and an english bulldog. I’m wife to a very amazing man whom I somehow convinced to do my laundry on a regular basis. We run our main shenanigans out of Boise Idaho.

Grab a drink and stay a while! Cheers!

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