5 Places to eat in Salt Lake City


I have a love hate relationship with this city. I travelled there to go to conferences since their convention center is one of the biggest, but I never had found much to do in the city. Salt Lake City is only a five hour drive from Boise (where I call home). It wasn’t until last year, I started to really find unique places to eat. I was on a business trip where we stayed about at the Hotel Monaco, just block away from the convention center. I had five days to explore soI had made it my mission to find all the good local eats.

Eva’s Boulangerie. Bringing a little bit of France to SLC. It was just half a block from my hotel so I ventured here most mornings to snag my morning latte. It also has the best baked goods but you have to get there early, they run out very fast. Also, I may have gotten every flavor of their house made macarons…twice.

The Rose Establishment. I had actually visited the Rose on my way back from another trip to grab a cup of coffee for the road but this time we sat down, had breakfast and enjoyed our time there. I had breakfast with four of my friends and we literally ordered one of everything on the menu. The avocado toast and Heirloom Tomato Tartine are two toast to try. Paired with there coffee, there’s nothing you won’t find you don’t like in this coffee house.

Campos. We were in a rush when we visited this place but the cold brew and Eggs Benedict were amazing. While we had waited for our food we watched as they brought out plates for other tables and they looked absolutely delightful. We were able to see into the kitchen and watch the chefs work their magic and you can tell they took pride in make the dish presentable as well as amazing.


Chanon Thai. This is by far one of the best Thai restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. Every dish is made to order and the service is outstanding. Every time we’re in Salt Lake, we carve time out of our schedule to visit this place at least once. They don’t take appointments and the dining area is very tiny so try to avoid lunch and dinner rushes.

Spitz. We happened to stumble upon this place while searching for a quick bite to eat. It was right around the corner from our hotel and walking distance so we thought we’d check it out. It was surprisingly busy and with only two guys working. We ordered the Berliner Fries and we ended up getting two more after we finished the first basket in two minutes. (*sorry for the low res photos, I didn’t my camera thinking it wouldn’t have been a great place, but…I was wrong.)


The Every Damn Bite Guide to Salt Lake City

For the outdoor enthusiast. There’s really no bad time to visit this city. The mountain near by offers winter activities for those who like to the cold and it’s near by trails offer the spring and summer months.

For Families. Lagoon is only about a 25 minute drive from the city if you don’t want to stay out in the suburbs. My family and I find that going on a Sunday in the summer is prime. It’s not as crowded and no traffic to fight.

For Foodies. The downtown scene has been building up in the past years. There’s new food innovators who include vegan and vegetarian friendly. For the meat eaters, you will find an abundance of great tasting restaurants from French cafés, All American burgers and Greek inspired french fries. Whatever you crave, you’ll most likely find it the downtown area.

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